Fading Star

My eyes Are parched again So once more,  Head upturned  I latch my gaze Upon you.   You, who seem stationary,  Permanent,  Forever.  But are you?  Lately  After the usual night Of emptying my eyes I come out I look up  But something’s changed.  It’s not the same.  You have been fading Is that what you … More Fading Star


Aren’t we all but roots? Always searching For something to latch onto- The past, people, places Or something untrue.   Because Why drudge in the present, When you can bask In a sweet utopian nostalgia Which shields your roots and mask.   Why brave the storm alone When you can root yourself To a beloved, … More Roots

Water Colour

What if the earth wore a zebra skin? Only the colours, not the pattern. The pattern is too over-the-top. But oh, black and white are colours too. Okay, erase all that. The thoughts, as well as the colours. Now imagine a colourless world. No, don’t turn everything white. White is complex. It is either an … More Water Colour


Segregations are tough to make today, regarding who dons a fabricated facade and who remains truthfully unchanged. In a few cases such as this, however, no such scrutiny is required because the genuineness of it all lies in the open for all to view freely. Yet it remains dejectedly unseen. The scenario can be conveniently … More Maqsood


Charlie hasn’t forgotten me; Still visits sometimes, Breaking into a joyous run, almost a gallop, Eager to feel my familiar touch, Warm on his face.   His eyes still gleam As brilliantly as the polished ornaments I adorned the Christmas fir with, While he capered about madly beneath, With some undecipherable wonder on his face. … More CHARLIE

The Mountain Lullaby

Given my boundless awe and love for mountains, Obscure Trails indisputably had to begin here. With an empty time-table yawning ahead of me, I longed for a much-needed trip. I longed, specifically, for some mountain therapy. Surprisingly, I got lucky. Plans for a holiday in the hills took shape, and in no time I was … More The Mountain Lullaby