Water Colour

What if the earth wore a zebra skin? Only the colours, not the pattern. The pattern is too over-the-top. But oh, black and white are colours too. Okay, erase all that. The thoughts, as well as the colours.

Now imagine a colourless world. No, don’t turn everything white. White is complex. It is either an extreme accumulation of all colours, or is the lack of it thereof. Instead, everything should appear transparent. Does transparency have a colour of its own? Does glass have a colour? It doesn’t matter because transparency is the closest you can come to in the process of imagining no colours. Water is colourless and transparent. But funnily enough not always. A bowl of water is transparent. An ocean on the other hand is blue- with some scientific theory justifying its blueness.

So water- domestic water, mind you- is our prototype here. A colourless world is a watery world. Having trouble forming a picture in mind? Visualize a bucket. Not red or blue. Transparent. It should be filled with water. OH! Or think of transparent as a colour itself. As the strongest colour. Whatever comes in contact with it gets stained and blotched with transparency. Now heave the bucket and splash it on the coloured thing nearest to you. A door, chair, cushion, flower. Done? Looks pretty doesn’t it? Everything coloured with transparency. Delicate. Breakable. Fluid. You’d be able to see everything beneath it, anything it has overlapped. But you wouldn’t be able to make boundaries surrounding anything anymore. No differentiation. Everything visible through everything. Everyone would know everything.

Sounds revolutionary.

I think I’ve found a new favourite colour.


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