Fading Star

My eyes

Are parched again

So once more, 

Head upturned 

I latch my gaze

Upon you.  

You, who seem stationary, 



But are you? 


After the usual night

Of emptying my eyes

I come out

I look up 

But something’s changed. 

It’s not the same. 

You have been fading

Is that what you silently promised? 

To someday leave

Which I was naive

To believe 

Was a silent oath of forever together

Which comforted me

Of an infinite presence

When all else abandoned me. 

You’re dying. 

Your glitter is dull, 


Not powerful anymore

To feed my soul 

Which weakens as you diminish. 

The day you fade completely 

It’ll cease to exist

Devoid of its elixir. 

So stay. 


The night you fade

Into nothingness 

Will be the night

I’ll lose myself



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