The Midnight Snack

They love you more

Don’t they? 

They don’t hesitate

To make it apparent. 

Only lately

Have I begun to ponder, 

To observe each move carefully

To interpret what it inherently means. 

Everything you say or claim

Is instantly honoured 

By allowing it to remain uncontested;

Sir, yes sir. 

But why

Is what I say

Met with a strong counter, 

Even when what I said

Is closely similar 

To what you did? 

Stocks are refilled 

For your unlimited midnight snacking, 

While a limit is maintained 

On my  consumption 

Of the same snack in the day.

I pester and I pester 

Till I can pester no more

Imploring them to see reason

In what I say. 

They dismiss it. 

Oh no sir, 

They do not pay heed

Because things proceed a certain way here. 

Not until you come around

And repeat my exact words, 

Perhaps enunciating them a bit more, 

Will they suddenly 

Begin to see sense

In my thoughts 

Which are now successfully disguised

As your exclusive reasonings. 

Am I different? 

Are you better? 

Look closely, all of you. 

Especially you, sir,

You, who seem to have

A higher understanding 

Of all things complex, 

But fail at comprehending 

Something as naked, 

As crystal, 

As this differentiation.

Reset your system sir, 

To avoid this habit

Of selective ignorance.

Look closely, 

At how your words have begun

To weigh down mine, 

Much like that extravagant font

Schoolgoing kids employ 

While making audio visual presentations-

The complexly coloured 

Thick letters of which 

Foreshadow its shadows

Which lay unnoticed behind them,

Reflecting the exact same word

Which the extravagant letters 

So form

In all their glory, 

Admired by the audience. 

All your words

And your silences

Are discolouring me 

Bit by bit, 

And soon

Before your very eyes

Each thought, word, reason

Will so fade

That nothing will remain of me, 

But a shadow.


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